Older Wybie and Coraline b/c let’s be honest she’d totally have that haircut okay okay.

there they are


What if Gideon had a crush on Lili?


If you’d like to buy your own copy of “101 Wacky Mystery Kids Jokes” you can special order it from the abandoned warehouse out by the docks. Come alone. Don’t bring the police.


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All the crew as Pychonauts.

Of course I couldn’t just draw them with psychic powers, I had to try and emulate the quirky, low-poly style of the game too! I”m just sorry it took me forever to get around to finishing it. ^^;
The game suggests that most psychics have a couple skills they naturally excel at, so of course I came up with what I think the kids would be good at too, haha.
Mabel: Levitation and telekinesis (she uses it to knit!!)
Dipper: Clairvoyance and Psi-blast (probably the most fitting combo out of everyone)
Coraline: Dowsing and Telekinesis (You need something found, Cora’s your girl)
Wybie: Confusion and Pyrokinesis (He uses pyro for welding)
Norman: Invisibility and his speaking to the dead (ahaha yeah. You’ll never find him if you don’t make friends with him first :’D )
Neil: Shield and Levitation (Sums him up pretty well, imo. ^^ )
Anyway, more art soon!


still redrawing and doing a lot of redo cuz i don’t like my work on this so it’ll probably take longer than a week, unlike my last ver of this…whichtookaweekaugh.


Gravity Falls Soundtrack - Monsters, Myths & Mysteries

Supernatural - Ken Ashcorp / Welcome to Mystery - Plain White T’s / Afraid - The Neighbourhood / Ghost Town - Shiny Toy Guns / Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger / Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation / Ghosting - Freelance Whales / Deer in the Headlights - Owl City / S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W - My Chemical Romance / Aha! - Imogen Heap / Ghost Song - Patrick Wolf / When You Were Young - The Killers / Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men / Small Town Moon - Regina Spektor / The Middle - Jimmy Eat World / Little Ghost - The White Stripes / Southern Bells in London Sing - The Faint / Flyswatter - The Eels / Made Me Realize - Brad Breeck


demongirl99 answered: The kids as monsters?

So people are probably familiar with the Monster Falls AU, where the residents of Gravity Falls get turned into various mythological creatures, so of course I had to extend it to the Mystery Kids AU as well!
Dipper is a deertaur. He isn’t happy about this.
Mabel is a mermaid. Her reaction is the opposite of Dipper’s.
Lili is a dryad. She can turn into a tree! She’s a little miffed at it but she likes being even closer to the plants she loves.
Raz is a Caracal/Wood Owl griffin. He doesn’t like it at first, but eventually thinks it’s pretty cool.
Neil is a winged dog; I couldn’t really find anything specific that suited him. He just goes with the flow.
Norman is a reaper. Everyone can still see him, but he tends to make them uneasy regardless. :c
Coraline is a kelpie-taur. Don’t worry, she’s not about to drag anyone into the lake. But she loves all the mud she can ‘legally’ get into.
Wybie is a salamander! No not the amphibian, though he thinks those are cool too. Nope! He thinks it’s weird at first, but eventually settles into being a metallic, fireproof/fire-breathing reptile.
So that was fun. ^^


himera-ltz answered: Maybe, Razputin teaches Mabel circus tricks or, maybe, Figments for each character

I was originally going to do the figments idea, but I haven’t thought through everyone’s mental worlds well enough yet, so I hope this is acceptable. ^^


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