Me: So, what are your thoughts on parapines?
Friend: I dunno, I don't really ship it. I don't think Dipper would go for it; he likes Wendy too much.
Me: Okay
Me: But if they were to get together, Dipper would be totally self conscious about it.
Friend: And I bet Norman would be really chill about the whole thing
Me: What do you think they would do on their first date?
Friend: I think they would cuddle up together with an over-sized blanket and tea and it would be supper cute and they'd watch a cheesy zombie movie and Norman would just take Dipper's hand and Dipper would be really surprised but Norman would just be all smiley and innocent and-
Friend: oh
Friend: oH

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#and now me and my friend ship parapines #parapines #my life #welcome to it

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